About efm Groups

efm Groups, a division of Executive Functions Management, Inc. (www.efminc.com.) serves as an administrative and communications resource for IT leaders’ efforts in creating peer relationships within their region.  efm Groups operates as an administrator and liaison to these private peer groups in an attempt to minimize time and effort spent by members of these volunteer groups and ultimately helping extend the life of these peer groups.

These groups are a collection of targeted IT peers who meet regularly in a private setting to discuss and share ideas, collaborate on common issues and network to build alliances and strategic relationships. The focus and direction for each group is determined by its members. Through collective knowledge these groups determine discussion topics for each meeting. Members volunteer experts from within their own teams to be thought leaders each month.

These groups are also the driving force behind efm Events (www.efmevents.com). efm Events are purposefully targeted and focused in an effort to streamline the networking and relationship building amongst IT professionals and technology suppliers.


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