Fargo CIO Exchange Current Meeting

11 Apr 2019

IT Governance

Thursday April 11, 2019
3:15pm to 4:45pm

Join us for a discussion surrounding IT Governance.
- Do you have a formal IT Governance Steering Committee? If so, what is the makeup of this group and who chairs it?
- How does IT governance and corporate governance work within your organization?
- What framework(s) are you using to guide your IT governance?
- How are IT projects prioritized within your organization?
- Where are the budgeting responsibilities for projects that have a significant IT component, IT or the business?

Once we are finished with this topic, we will move to a round table discussion on a topic of your choice.

Moore Engineering - Sheyenne Plaza
444 Sheyenne Street, Suite 301
West Fargo, ND 58078

Parking at the Sheyenne Plaza building in downtown West Fargo in priority order is as follows:
Along Sheyenne Street in front of the building/VFW
-Along south side street (5th Ave W)
-Across the south side street in former auto parts store
-In small parking lot on south side of building
-South side of Bell Bank’s parking lot across the street as far away from their building as possible
-Do NOT park in the back (west) parking lot as this is reserved parking for Ohnstad Twichell employees

In order to get to the third floor where our office is located, please use the elevator accessible through the main entry on Sheyenne street (south end of the building facing east). Once you get off the elevator, please go through our doors on the right where there will be someone to help direct you to the meeting room.

Meeting Location

Moore Engineering - Sheyenne Plaza, West Fargo

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Current Meeting

April 11, 2019
IT Governance
Moore Engineering - Sheyenne Plaza, West Fargo


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