Council of IT Executives (CITE) Current Meeting

21 Feb 2018

Business Alignment

Wednesday February 21, 2018
7:45 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.

Our speaker this month will be Michael Smith, VP & CIO, for American Academy of Family Physicians.

Business Alignment

In the same way, it is not expected that athletics teams would go “rogue” related to a game plan put forth by the coaches; then why would IT develop or enable solutions that may not or do not align with the organization’s “game plan”.

One of the biggest challenges IT organizations face today is how to ensure alignment with the business. In many cases, the IT Leadership may not be part of strategic decisions or discussions so how can you ensure that solutions, enabled by IT, correctly align to business objectives or operational metrics. In this presentation, learn about concepts that can help address the challenge of Business Alignment.

Michael will be sharing with us his experiences on how he has built a Business Alignment culture at AAFP as well as previous companies he has worked at. This will be a meeting you will not want to miss.

Make time to join us and continue the momentum 2018 has already started for the forum.

Meeting Location

Antioch Justice Center - Overland Park

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Current Meeting

February 21, 2018
Business Alignment
Antioch Justice Center - Overland Park


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